I'm gonna wear it as a wormstache

My name is John, I'm 22 Years old and Study Popular Music at the University of Hull (Scarborough Campus) It's really fun and I enjoy it a lot. I'm originally from Newcastle. I love Final Fantasy, Doctor Who and Supernatural and more recently The Walking Dead, along with other things. My Tumblr is a mixture of everything really, from TV shows to what I ate last night.



New York’s hottest game show is: Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

-SR, S360

"You should never have done Dinner for Schumcks!"

"Yeah I think that’s what’s affecting this poll."

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serious question though.
why aren’t any of you sending me asks??? 

I just got elbowed in the teeth…. fucking ow!

I’ve never actually played League of Legends… is it worth it?

I’ve heard it’s like SMITE, but less good

I’m bored :( if anyone wants to chat about literally anything, my askbox is open :3